Urban transport of Roquetes

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A) Circulates from Monday to Friday on weekdays
B) Circulates from Monday to Saturday on weekdays
C) Circulates from Monday to Sunday and holidays
- M - Stop with Marquee
No service on December 25 and January 1


• Single ticket:  € 1,90
• T10 / 120 Expires after 120 days (10 Trips): € 5,00 
Rates subject to variations.
In the case of urban services, bus tickets apply their own associated rates. They are sold in person and always on board the bus, when accessing it, through the vending machine or other supports on board the vehicle for this purpose. Payment can be made in cash or with transportation cards if there are any associated for these services. Payment by bank card is not allowed. 
Important: Payment made on our buses is limited to the exact amount and/or, failing that, to the acceptance of notes with an amount immediately higher than the bus ticket fare.