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Access to the bus for minors
Responsability of children traveling alone

Children may travel unaccompanied under the responsibility of parents or legal guardians, these being those who decide the suitability of the unaccompanied journey based on the cognitive maturity of the child or other related factors. Our company believes that children under the age of 10 should not travel alone and, although parental authorization is only necessary to leave Spain, a minor should be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for it.

In the event that the parents or legal guardians decide that the minor unaccompanied adult travel responsible for it is highly recommended, write an authorization with information available to the driver or internal staff and that the minor will carry with him/her.  The authorization will include the information with the following data: first and last name of the parent or legal guardian, ID, NIE or PASSPORT, contact phone number, origin and destination of the trip. First and last name person who picks up the minor, ID or NIE contact phone, destination or stop where you have to go down, etc... It is advisable for the child's legal guardians to tell the driver traveling alone.  In case of arriving at the destination stop and not being present the person responsible for the collection of the minor our staff has internal instructions to contact the security forces of the area (police, civil guard...) to take care of the minor and the service to other users continue normally.

Download the authorization here. It must be completed

Children 4 years old or older

Children 4 years of age or older pay full ticket. On tickets purchased through our website for minors who lack documentation, it will be necessary to reflect the documentation data (ID, NIF or passport number) of the person accompanying the minor in the section of the website reserved for this purpose. Non-correspondence of the child's personal data will result in the cancellation of the child's parent or legal guardian's ticket.

Children under 4 years

Children under 4 years old must always be accompanied by adults. Children under 4 years of age will not be allowed in any service without the company of an adult. Children under 4 years old do not pay for a ticket, although they must access the bus by ticket accreditation of their trip.


In the absence of exclusive legal regulations regarding a specific approved safety system that can be adapted to our buses for the travel of infants and young children on buses, HIFE can only offer recommendations for making trips in the most comfortable way.  

Thus: the private or removable baby carrier chairs on the wheel chassis of the baby cart may be boarded on board the bus and the child's parent or legal guardian may be attached and accompanied by the child's parent or legal guardian. Baby strollers may be carried on board coach holds, at no additional cost, to do so, they will have to fold as much as possible and will be accommodated by the child's companion, following the driver's instructions if appropriate.