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Free Bonus

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 53 of Royal Decree-Law 20/2022, of 27 December, a resolution of the Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda establishes the conditions of sale, use, validity, expiry and frequency of use of the Free Passes promoted on state Hife routes.

Creation of the Free Bonus.

• The Free Bonus is personal and non-transferable.

• To formalize the Free Bonus you must fill out the form enabled in the user profile HifeClass® (Free Bonus).

•  In the case of minors without an ID card, the Free Bonus will be linked to the ID card, NIE or passport of the father/mother/guardian.

• A Free Bonus is required for each of the following periods:

- between 1 February and 30 April 2023.

- between 1 May and 31 August 2023 and,

- between 1 September and 31 December 2023.

• For each period of validity, only one Free Bonus per person, origin and destination is permitted.

• The user must pay an amount per Free Bonus, as a deposit, which will be refunded if the minimum number of journeys required per period is reached (See Refund of deposit). The deposit is established for each journey (i.e. for each selected origin and destination stop) and according to the price of the standard ticket, in accordance with this classification:

- 20 Euro security deposit for journeys with a ticket price up to 5.00 Euro.

- 35 Euro security deposit for journeys with a ticket price between 5.01 and 13.00 Euro.

- 50 Euro security deposit for journeys with a ticket price between 13,01 and 25,00 Euros

- 65 Euro security deposit for journeys with a ticket price of more than 25.00 Euro.

The calculation of the ticket price used to establish the security deposit is based on journey data, fares and prices in force on 1 January 2023.

Only the large family discount will be applied to the amount of the deposit.

Permitted routes

Do you want to know if your journey is subsidised? Check 

Refund of the deposit for the Free Travel Pass

The amount paid as a deposit will be refunded, provided that the minimum required journeys are made in the corresponding periods:

- from 1 February to 30 April 2023: 12 journeys

- 1 May to 31 August 2023: 16 journeys

- 1 September to 31 December 2023: 16 journeys

In case of non-compliance with the minimum number of journeys, the amount of the deposit will be considered as compensation and will not be refunded to the passenger. 

In order to avoid misuse of the Free Bonus, the following instructions must be observed:

• It will not be possible to purchase more than one return trip per day, unless they have been previously cancelled (cancellation or validation on board by the staff).

• Free tickets may not be purchased on journeys in the same direction for less than three times the scheduled journey time.

• Failure to cancel a trip that has been formalised and not made at least 24 hours in advance shall be considered improper use.

• The use of a ticket by a person other than the holder of the Free Bonus shall be considered improper use.

• Passengers who misuse their Free Bonus on three occasions will have their pass withdrawn and their deposit forfeited. They will be warned in advance by registered e-mail of the possible consequences of their actions.

• A new Free Bonus will not be issued to sanctioned passengers for any origin-destination until the end of the sanctioned period of validity.